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We've developed a lot of WEBs / Systems in Indonesia. We know well about ASEAN ways

Japanese management and technorogy are our base.
We can help and support to utlize WEB / Internet for your business growth
Please feel free to contact us if you need any support for WEB and system development in Malaysia.

AsiaQuest Malaysia


By utilizing Web solution and internet technology, we help the execution of your Web strategy to lead to business achievement. We offer a one stop service in WEB Development, ranging from consultation for Internet Business Strategy to WEB System Development, Mobile Apps Development, SEO, Internet Marketing and Advertisement. We also are run our own web medias so that we can help to send users and customes to your websites from our websites or your can put your AD on our websites

Web Development

WEB Development, Create Corporate WEB, Brand WEB, Service WEB, campaign pages, Landing page. Develop web services such as used car matching web service or e-commerce. We develop WEBs by using the latest technology like responsive Web and HTML5. We support WEB operations after the production as well.

Mobile Solution

Develop Mobile WEB (production for mobile and tablet-optimized WEB: responsive web), Mobile (iOS and Android) application development. Mobile support is required because the percentage of mobile users in Malaysia is growing up and very high.


We can help your SEO matters in English, Malaysian, Japanese, and Chinese. Not only SEO consultation, we can also do 'actual updating', 'creating contents' or 'change WEB system' by ourselves. Our SEO isn't like 'only verbal' SEO consultation or 'only document' SEO. ours is practical, effective and 'hands-on SEO service'. Our content writers can help to create good contents for content-based-SEO.


We can develop e-commerce systems from simple one runned on Shopify to well customised EC-CUBE based one. From planning e-commerce business untill the execution of e-commerce operation, we support totally your e-commerce business in Malaysia. We are a expert in customizing EC-cube and Shopify. If you would like to distribute your sample products as online test or to collect the survey data, we can help to do those by using e-commerce solution.

Web System Development

We have lots of experiences in development web based system such as customer management system, online reservation system or online database system. We provide effective systems in various ways for your business by using advanced web technology. We are dealing with 'kintone by cybozu' which is cloud type system development tool.


We support and provide other wide range services related to WEB and the Internet area. SSL by (GlobalSign), outsourcing content creation and SNS operations or Kintone implementation and customization, etc.. We can also help Japanese company's business expansion from Japan to Malaysia and Indonesia.

AsiaQuest Malaysia


  • Providing low cost services by optimizing our Yogyakarta Development Center
  • High quality services proved by our rich experiences in developing and running big financial companies Webs and web systems
  • Quick and high-tech development in Japanese project management style
  • Possible production for almost all ASEAN languages
  • We are running our own web medias, therefore we can offer to utilize them for your internet marketing

AsiaQuest Malaysia

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Please drop any question related to web production, mobile website, mobile application as well as web system development and operation. Questions about development and operation of in-house management system using Kintone and internet marketing such as SEO are also welcome. Kindly drop your inquiry to e-mail address below.

Please contact e-mail address below if you’re interested to join us as the part of AsiaQuest Malaysia. We’re now looking for potential candidates for executive, sales and other positions.

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